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The Car Wash

Updated: May 30, 2023

Works by Tarrant Count College students

On view May 5 - 27, 2023

Transystems Corporation Gallery

Tarrant County College introduces its collective invitational, a group of students embarking on their creative journey where they share their unique stories through art. Join us as you go through the car wash, an enveloping experience of texture, color, and form flowing over each viewer capturing moments of the artists’ lives, bringing to light their hopes, fears, and aspirations. Each piece is a testament to their individuality, a glimpse into their personal narratives, and their newfound artistic expressions. This moment is an opportunity to witness the emergence of their art journey, a celebration of their growth, and an exploration of their shared humanity. Join us as we enter the world of these artists, and discover the stories they have to tell.

Artist Biographies

As a cosmetologist and student, Haley Callaham has a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for creative expression. Beyond the realm of beauty, she also enjoys exploring the world of oddities and invites you to visit the world she creates.

Texas-based artist, MaryJane Galbraith, has always been interested in telling story-driven narratives through her artwork. She is currently pursuing a degree in illustration. MaryJane specializes in digital artwork and mixed media and hopes to one day apply these skills in the TV and film animation industry.

Savannah Rain Lewis is a multi-disciplinary artist with an emphasis on storytelling and narrative. From a series of hand-drawn comic panels to a written playscript, she has focused on capturing moments of existence: subtle interactions with others and the beauty of solitude. Whether that is through the usage of multiple images accompanied with text or just a single snapshot of life occurring, she strives to express the movement of life and the thoughts that come with it.

She is currently enrolled at Tarrant County College with hopes of pursuing a BFA in Visual Communication at the University of North Texas.

Fort Worth based artist Adeline Rogers has been creating art for several years. She specializes in portraits, repurposing found objects, and curating student artwork. She began with cutting stencils of her own design. Realizing that this art form could evolve into painting on wood, Adeline began refinishing and repurposing furniture into decorative art. This led to a formal art education of drawing, printing, and oil painting.

Adeline’s art reflects her strong family ties and concern for repurposing objects that are discarded or no longer in use. Her portraits capture the character of the subject, especially

her family, and are inspired by her admiration for the subject. Adeline’s art also reflects her playful and whimsy character. Her favorite tool is her miter saw.

Adeline has had art published several times in Script, a Journal of Literature and Art. She received awards of honorable mention in juried art exhibits and the Dean’s Award at TCCD, Fort Worth. Adeline is a guest artist at The Mary Lib Saleh Public Library, Euless, TX. She is secretary of ARTium, a local art association, and her art has been included in several shows. Adeline enjoys selecting, organizing, and presenting student artwork to encourage and inspire the artists, and to build a bridge to the viewing public.

Rosa A. Rubio is a 23-year-old art student born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, to a community filled with art, thus allowing them to began their journey creating art very early. Mainly focused on pen and acrylic, but allows themselves to branch out and try new mediums when the opportunity allows. Their style is meant to focus on the human form in an altered and cartoonish image.

Julissa Treviño is passionate about creating fun ceramic pieces for everyday use. Born to Mexican immigrant parents, she finds inspiration in the vibrancy of Mexican pottery and textiles from all over the world. When not working on pottery, Julissa sews, knits, and crochets.

She works in marketing and lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

Who am I? Hello! My name is Piper Von Rosenberg and I’m a Texas-based artist from Fort Wort. Currently, I’m pursuing a

Bachelor’s degree in Art and looking to transfer. What do I do? I make light-hearted art! Art that’s cute and sweet and nice! Cause this world sucks if we’re being honest. It's so awful and bleak, and I think that art is a fantastic way to not just escape from it all, but also to bring positivity to others. But I also want to make art that’s bold. Art that stands against any anti-lgbt sentiments because I won't be having any of that garbage. How do I do it? I tend to bounce from medium to medium just because I love exploring new ways to make things, but I’d say I specialize in oil paints, pencils, and markers, as well as sewing and woodcarving. My art is typically on canvas and paper, but I also do sculptures, needlework, and digital art. Notable Works In 2021 my work was displayed at The Carillon and won an award.

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