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Original Works Series

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The Original Works Series program creates opportunities for new and emerging playwrights to showcase their work. Eight selected scripts will receive a live reading. From those selected scripts, a panel of theater professionals select one submission to become a fully staged production at Arts Fort Worth! Dramatist Guild members get a discount? Are you a member? Apply here!

Original Works Series FAQs

Who can apply?

Anyone who has a script can apply! Well, any script that is not planned for production at the time of submission. We also accept scripts with multiple authors. Submit your script here. 

How do scripts get selected? 

All submitted scripts are read by professionals and scored on a rubric. The eight highest rated scripts are selected for a round of readings. From those eight readings, one script is selected for a full production.  

When is the deadline?

Arts Fort Worth accepts scripts through December 1, 2023.  We only accept scripts through the Submittable platform. Mailed or emailed scripts will not be accepted.

I wrote a musical based on a novel. Can I submit it? 
Adaptations of previously published material will not be accepted. Arts Fort Worth is not accepting musicals at this time.

What if my script get selected?  

The selected script will be fully produced in the spring of 2025. The author will receive a $500 royalty and is encouraged take part in the rehearsal and development of the new work production process. 

I have another question...

Email us here and we'll do our best to help you "write" away.

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New and Improving

Written by Janae Hatchett

Directed by Sara Herrera

You know that geeky Mathlete who was picked on and shoved into lockers in high school? Well, now he’s all grown up and going to therapy for depression and social anxiety. Thanks a lot, teenagers. Our geek, Nathan, is convinced to attend a therapy mixer to “get out there” and “be social” with his peers. He meets two forces of nature he didn’t expect: Turk, a self-proclaimed ladies’ man, and Piper, a sarcastic smart aleck. With grace like a palm tree in a hurricane, they shove Nathan into the dating pool with a young woman named Abby. After a horrible date, some soul-searching, and an all-night coffee binge, Nathan leaps out of his comfort zone with his two new accomplices.

Written by Natalie Guapp
Directed by Araceli Radillo 

​The Dewitt brothers despise each other. Young attorney Victor has had their small town home in his rearview mirror for years, pursuing his career in a metropolitan city. Eliot has become a virtual recluse caring for their mother, Lina, who is staging with Alzheimer's. But now Vic's back, prompted by a disturbing call from a neighbor. Vic is set to interrogate his brother about the present situation, but Eliot has his own slate of questions about the past. Even Lina has an agenda. She's out in the back lot. Digging. Morning 'til night. And she's just about to uncover the answers her sons are looking for, whether they're ready-or not.

New and Improving
Written by Jeff Irvin
Directed by Staci Ingram

​“The Texas Book of Beasts” is told through a series of 25 short scenes featuring four characters: a property developer, a university professor, an idealistic biologist, and a toad. This cast of characters is involved in raucous public meetings as the twenty-something woman learns to organize a diverse community to save the endangered toad's habitat from a large encroaching development. Featuring metaphors in verse, interjections in unison, and group movements that mimic Texas fauna, "Texas Book of Beasts" is a melodrama and romantic comedy about learning to recognize a sharp brain and a good heart.  

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