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Lingering in the liminal, lord have mercy and lift the veil

Updated: Jan 25

Works by Barron Wortham

On view January 5 - February 17, 2024

Frost Bank Gallery

Artist Statement

As our society and technological reach grow, we grow ever more distant from each other, more distracted from the world. In this age of mass distraction, as the needs and sufferings of our fellow man have shifted from being our duty to none of our concern we have become indifferent to the things that merely matter. We are solely captivated by our need for constant satisfaction, we know no peace. Trapped in a joyless pursuit of pleasure, becoming increasingly susceptible to our own specific addictions, ranging from status, or money, substances, technology, and in many cases pain. I am not looking from a higher platform speaking on the flaws of man as if I am above them and in fact I know I'm not. My point of view is from the ground level and my paintings have a bit of mud in them, they are my attempt to understand and explain the existential issues man experiences as I personally come across them. Or perhaps they are my attempt to cope with them. Sometimes I wonder if I overstep, how can it even be my place to speak on the human existence? But what else is the role of an artist than to highlight the ways in which we are all flawed, faulty, and afraid?


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