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Fort Worth arts nonprofits bring a diverse range of performing, visual, and literary arts to the audiences they serve and citizens of Fort Worth. Arts Fort Worth is dedicated to support these organizations and does this, in part, by operating office suites in the Fort Worth Community Arts Center for arts nonprofits. Explore each of these nonprofits below and engage with the arts in new ways. 

Five artist studios are also available for visual artists, including the Emerging Artist Resident. Arts Fort Worth offers affordable private studio spaces in the Arts Center for artists and creatives that want a dedicated space to call their own. 

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Arts Fort Worth

Founded in 1963 as the Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, DBA Arts Fort Worth is a nonprofit organization with the mission to promote, nurture, and support the arts in Fort Worth. Arts Fort Worth administers a competitive grants program, manages the Fort Worth Public Art program, and operates the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.
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Caminos del Inka

Founded by Music Director Laureate of the Fort Worth Symphony Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Caminos de Inka champions the music of South America and founded a Conducting Institute in Fort Worth.

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KWC Performing Arts

Creates a place where children are cherished through exposure, education, and experience in the performing arts and entrepreneurial leadership. Producing musical theater classes, camps and productions, year-round leadership opportunities, and local, national, and international tours of original musicals.

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Q Cinema

​Q Cinema is a non-profit, 501(c)3 arts organization who's mission is to provide a voice for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons by presenting films, videos and live programs that not only represent the diversity of our community but educate, enlighten and entertain us all.


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Stolen Shakespeare Guild

Stolen Shakespeare Guild is dedicated to uniting and enriching our community through the preservation and celebration of classic theater. Stolen Shakespeare Guild provides honest and accessible professional productions for our community.

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Texas Institute of Orchestral Studies

The Texas Institute for Orchestra Studies (TXIOS) was founded in 2021 by Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Felix Torres and John Toohey. TXIOS activities occur concurrently and share facilities with The Conducting Institute, now in its fourth years, founded also by Maestro Harth-Bedoya. TXIOS and The Conducting Institute are educational programs of Caminos Del Inka.

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Texas Network of Theatres

Theatre Network of Texas was formed in 1971 as Texas Nonprofit Theatres to encourage programmatic and managerial excellence in the nonprofit community and professional theatres of Texas. Our mission is to support and serve the theatre community of Texas.

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Thank You Darlin’ Foundation

Helps disadvantaged youth experience academic and personal success through the arts. Carrying out this mission through supplemental teaching, after-school programs, youth anthology publications, spoken word performances, and poetry slam competitions.

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Studio Artists

Carol Ivey

Carol Ivey’s subject matter consists of found objects, including fruit and flowers from the garden, bird nests, cracked and broken vases, and drying sunflowers.  These ordinary objects are elevated beyond their everyday value in Carol Ivey’s carefully arranged, serene compositions. Carol Ivey's studio, located in the Near East Side of Fort Worth, plays a vital role in her paintings and drawings. The north-facing, arched windows flood her studio with muted sunlight, casting a cool, diffused light over her subjects. Carol Ivey elaborates, “The muted windows act as a screen, admitting light into the interior while revealing few details of the outside. Objects are both illuminated and obscured by this backlighting. These works are created from direct observation under the condition of natural lighting in my studio.” –Carol Ivey


Rose Marie Mercado

In my studio in Fort Worth, Texas, my artwork captures my notion that "Now is where Can be Ought to be." With an academic background leaning toward the literary, from a Bachelor of Journalism to a Master of Liberal Arts to a Graduate Certificate in Narrative Journalism, I am a visual artist who prefers paintbrushes to keyboards.

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