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Arts Fort Worth advocates for the arts by partnering with community members, stakeholders, and other advocacy organizations to ensure that our city is a thriving place for the arts.

How can you get involved? Supporting candidates that prioritize the arts, casting your vote, and contacting your representatives on issues are all ways that everyday citizens can ensure the arts are continually funded.

Advocacy Tools and Resources

What impact do the arts
have in Texas?

The latest Texans for the Arts' State of the Arts Report demonstrates the unequivocal impact the arts have in shaping the cultural, economic, and educational future of Texas.

What is the economic impact of the arts in Fort Worth?

The Arts and Economic Prosperity 6 study was conducted by Arts Fort Worth in partnership with Americans for the Arts to show the impact that nonprofit arts and culture industries have on the economy. 

How can we increase funding
for the arts?

The goal of the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Toolkit is to ensure that the arts are at the table. Up to 15% for the arts is a sound investment in creativity and the social health and economic well-being of every community.


National Endowment for the Arts

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is a federal agency that was created by Congress to help Americans pursue the arts. The agency provides grants as well as awareness for the arts. 

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Texas Cultural Trust

The mission of the Trust is to heighten awareness of arts and culture in Texas, increase support for the arts and to raise matching funds for the Texas Cultural Endowment Fund.

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Texans for the Arts

Texans for the Arts (TFA) focuses on advocacy for the arts throughout Texas and the nation. TFA works with funding as well as legislative issues concerning the arts.

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Americans for the Arts

The Americans for the Arts Mobilzations Center provides tools and information to help make your case for the arts and arts education as well as ways you can take action today.

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Advocacy Partners

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