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Crushed But Not Consumed

Updated: Jan 25

Works by Katie McKay Jones

On view January 5 - February 17, 2024

Program Gallery

Artist Statement

This body of work is primarily focused on the mouth and teeth of a monster. They represent the constant noise of hatred and oppression, the loss of loved ones and the grief that follows, the unwillingness to see and truly hear other people, and all the lies we choose to believe.


They represent the human experience and the inability to live unscathed.


And yet amidst the suffering, there is peace to be found. There are bright, bold colors that evoke emotions. There are uninhibited scribbles and finger-painting that mimic childlike naivete. There are subtle textures and quietness in the details. In the brokenness, there will always be beauty to find and create.


My paintings are an invitation to enter into the beast. I want the viewer to get close to my work, to feel the tension between loud and quiet, chaos and peace, weakness and strength. I want the viewer to find beauty in this world, despite its brokenness, and feel empowered and inspired by it.

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