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Photo credit: Kevin Buchanan/Cliff Garten Studio

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About Fort Worth Public Art

Established in 2001, Fort Worth Public Art is a City of Fort Worth program managed by Arts Fort Worth and advised by the City's Art Commission. The collection includes over 160 commissioned, acquired, and donated artworks located throughout the city. 

What is public art?

Public art assists in the expression of a community's sense of identity and enhances the visual landscape and character of the city. It encourages community participation through collaboration with artists, design professionals, and developers. Most importantly, public art is accessible to everyone and it can increase the livability, safety, and desirability of a neighborhood or a city. With the establishment of Fort Worth Public Art (FWPA) in 2001, the City of Fort Worth said “YES!” to enhancing civic architecture, creating harmonious public spaces, and fostering artfully designed infrastructure.  


How are Fort Worth residents involved in the process?

During the planning process, key community stakeholders have an opportunity to help select the artist and share their values and insights through community meetings. The artist considers their input when designing the artwork to create a piece that reflects community identity. To get involved, attend an event or community meeting.

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