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Tarrant County College Northeast Campus Visual Arts Showcase

Updated: May 31, 2022

Works by Tarrant County College Northeast Students

April 1-30, 2022

Program Gallery


Rhonda Ackley

Hagan Bass

Patrick Bradley

Debra Brown

Mena Chapman

Jia Ding

Alfred Doss

Emma Edmondson

Sean Estrada

Diane Franco

Justine Franco

Meredith Frazier

Lucas Golden

Danely Gonzalez

Isabella Hafey

Erica Druce-Hoffman

Mary Horvath

Emily Johnson

Jacob Knowles

Marco Macias

Steven Magallon

Emily Martinez

Meier McMurtre

Mariam Merany

Sarah Mendoza

Moses Mulomba

Hong Ngo

Contessa Nguyen

Harim Ochoa

Yessica Price

Michelle Pritchard

Sooa Pyo

Zoe Quintana

Cara Robbins

Arely Martinez Romero

Madeline Routt

Parastoo S. Shamipour

Karsyn Singleton

Margie Sipple

Ralph W. Tobin

Deborah Ursini

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