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Reclaiming My World

Updated: Jan 25

Works by Armando Sebastian

On view January 5 - February 17, 2024

Dale Brock and Visiting Angels Gallery

In his exhibition, Reclaiming my World, Armando Sebastian creates narrative works to tell the story of his journey. “Growing up in Mexico as the only son in a traditional Hispanic family I felt pressured to choose a manly profession that would please their expectations” Sebastian says. After coming out and losing most of his friends in the process he makes the decision to start a new life in the US, in search of better opportunities, to follow his passion and to pursue his dreams. With reference to Gay poets, music icons, and symbols amid vibrant landscapes Sebastian takes us through an imaginary journey toward another place in time, you’ll find yourself delving into an atmosphere of human pain and vulnerability reminiscent of the ex-voto paintings. “I use media to tell stories through my work and explore questions of identity and gender, hoping that my work can transcend time, language, and cultural boundaries” Sebastian states. The Artist chose these lyrics by Morrissey to precede his work as an epigraph.



Ordinary boys, happy knowing nothing happy being no-one but themselves

Ordinary girls, supermarket clothes who think it's very clever to be cruel to you

For you were so different you stood all alone

And you knew that it had to be so

Avoiding ordinary boys Happy going nowhere, just around here

In their rattling cars

Ordinary girls Never seeing further than the cold, small streets that trap them

But you were so different you had to say no

When those empty fools tried to change you, and claim you

For the lair of their ordinary world where they feel so lucky

So lucky, so lucky with their lives laid out before them

“They are lucky, so lucky, so lucky”

So lucky, so...

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