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Next of Kin

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

by Gabby Wilson

Live reading by Proper Hijinx

Thursday, March 23rd at 7:30 p.m.

1300 Gendy St, Fort Worth 76107


Cassie - Araceli Radillo

Chris - Spencer Tilley

Riley - Stefany Cambra

Stage Directions - Natalia Borja

Next of Kin follows Riley Peters during two different time periods in her life. Riley and her mother, Cassie, have moved back in together as Cassie navigates the recent death of her mother. The two of them find themselves butting heads as death becomes a more prevalent topic in their world. Three years later we also see Riley meeting Chris and forming a closer connection with him. But the walls that she put up following this time spent with her mother seem to get in the way of pursuing a stronger relationship with Chris. When torn between grief and healing, new love and distant loss, how do those left behind hold on? How do they crumble?

Playwright Bio

Gabby Wilson is a playwright and dramaturg based in Arlington, VA. She earned her B.A. in Theatre from James Madison University with a concentration in Theatre Studies and a minor in Creative Writing. She won the KCACTF/LMDA Regional Dramaturgy Award at the Region 2 Festival 54 for her work on James Madison University’s Pandemic Project and was a National Dramaturgy Fellow at the National KCACTF Festival in 2022. She attended the Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive and participated in the 2022 WildWind Performance Lab at Texas Tech University

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