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Yella Jack

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

by Donna Latham

Wednesday, March 22nd at 7:30 p.m.

1300 Gendy St, Fort Worth 76107

Racism. Misogyny. Classism. Religion vs. science. With murder and mayhem. When most white folks in Memphis up sticks and flee after yellow fever, a “stranger’s disease,” ravages the city, determined residents hunker down to stay alive in the purgatorial city. They form a found family to nurse the sick, keep the city afloat, embrace new opportunities— and scheme revenge. Jack, a serial-killing embodiment of contagion, collects trophies from victims—earbobs, rings, pearls, and a precious symbol of humanity. When Sister Gregory fails to return after nursing fever folk in Shanty Town, the found family fears the worst. All pray for frost. As ever.

Playwright Bio

Donna Latham’s a feminist playwright who wrote “Yella Jack," set during the 1878 Memphis yellow fever epidemic, in pandemic lockdown. Her plays have been produced coast to coast in the US and in Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, France, Scotland, and Indonesia. They’re published with YouthPLAYS, Next Stage Press, and Smith Scripts and anthologized in Best American Short Plays 2016-2017, Best American Short Plays 2014-2015, 2016’s Best Ten-Minute Plays, and She Persisted: New Plays By Women Over 40, 2021. A resident playwright at Rising Sun Performance Company in NYC and member of Honor Roll Playwrights, Donna’s a proud member of the Dramatists Guild.

For more info on the presenting companies visit: Dragstrip Courage & Artes de la Rosa

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