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In the Bootprints of Giants

Updated: Jan 23

Curated by Max Marshall

December 1, 2023 - February 20, 2024

BNSF Gallery

Artist Bio

Max Marshall received her BFA in Painting and Drawing with a second major in Art History, from The University of North Texas, in 2015. In this exhibition, she examines the origins and creators of

popularized American folklore which historically depict cowboys as individualistic and stoic seekers of justice. By fabricating her own tall tale of a long gone race of giant Cowboys and setting this revised origin story within the guise of roadside museums and highway attractions, Marshall creates a stage on which the popular Cowboy archetype can be critiqued as similarly flawed or absurd. With tongue in cheek, the resulting work asks questions of how, in a nation as young as the United States, our folklore is constructed, who constructed it and to what depth does it resound

within our modern culture?

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