About Us

Creating an environment that promotes, nurtures, and supports the arts in our community

The Arts Council is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1963 to provide funding and leadership that would stimulate and assure the advancement of the arts throughout our community. Today’s Arts Council serves and responds to the needs of local artists, arts organizations, and residents through diverse channels, each with a significant impact on the quality of life in Fort Worth.

Arts Council programs address three main areas:

  • providing leadership and funding to local arts organizations through our competitive grants program 
  • enhancing the visual environment of our city through the Fort Worth Public Art program
  • offering an affordable and accessible venue for artists, arts organizations, and the community as a whole through management of the Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Arts Council programs are made possible through gifts from local individuals, small businesses, corporations, foundations, the City of Fort Worth, Tarrant County and Texas Commission on the Arts. Together, with this support…

We Make Art Happen!