Art gives back. Providing funding and leadership for the arts since 1963

The Arts Council programs are designed to:

  • foster artistic excellence
  • increase artistic productivity and creativity
  • develop processes that nurture artists and arts organizations
  • educate the public population on the contribution of the arts to community development
  • increase accessibility to the arts throughout the community
  • encourage wider participation in artistic activities
  • reflect the cultural diversity of our community

In 2015, 42 local arts organizations received support for general operations and special projects that went on to serve over 1.1 million residents and visitors throughout Fort Worth.

Of that number, 87,588 local youth from underserved areas of our community were exposed to the arts through projects funded by the Arts Council’s Neighborhood Arts Program.

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of our donors, this year we are giving out more than $900,000 in grant funds to local arts organizations for 2016…we can’t wait to see the lives changed by the arts in the year to come!

For detailed information about the Arts Council grants program, please consult the updated Arts Council Grant Guidebook for the 2017/2018 Grant Cycle.