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Write This Way: Stories and Voices From Students

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Works by Worth Writing participating students

October 7-29, 2022

TranSystems Corporation Gallery

Worth Writing offers writing support and workshops for youth and young adults. Programs incorporate a coaching approach to learning and focus on building critical thinking, self-esteem, and communication skills. By cultivating fun, judgement-free environments, young writers are holistically supported as they engage in the creative writing process or seize college and career opportunities. Through Worth Writing's creative writing program, Writing on the Walls, student voices are amplified through unique publishing opportunities, lending their voices to bigger conversations within their communities and connecting the power of writing to their lives in tangible ways.

In an effort to center youth and young adult voices in conversations around the future of education, Worth Writing created Write This Way: Stories and voices from students as they reimagine education. This project aims to elevate and amplify the experiences and works of students living and learning in Fort Worth. Equipped with an abundance of creativity and curiosity, local youth can profoundly contribute to our community and our nation as we collectively reimagine education.

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