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Transformation: Light/Space/Color

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Works by Duncan McClellan and Chad Holliday

Presented by SiNaCa Studios

Dale Brock & Visiting Angels Gallery

August 5-27, 2023

Transformation: Light/Space/Color is a bold and visually vibrant exhibition bringing together works of two world renowned glass artists. While their work is vastly different in execution and concepts, both artists share similarities in how they think about space, light, and color, and how glass is a conductor for these elements through sculpture and vessel forms. The way in which both artists work are celebratory of the natural ways in which glass refracts and reflects light and color, causing the appearance of the material to be glowing from within.

By utilizing interior and exterior spaces of these forms, McClellan and Holliday consider the way in which glass allows these two spaces to visually interact with each other, and allow the interplay of light between interior space, exterior space, and the 'space' that exists within the material itself.

“Light and color are an important part of the stories I hope to convey with my work. Imagining the way color is transmitted through the glass transforms not only the object, but also the surrounding space, hopefully leading the viewer to experience the work in another context.” - Duncan McClellan

“By thinking of light as an element of construction, the light allows me to conduct the viewer, as well as the space within the object, and eventually the space around the object. Light is essentially the defining and primary factor in cast glass.” – Chad Holliday


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