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Touch me, I dare you

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Works by Dakari Butler

On view August 4 - 26, 2023

Frost Gallery

Exhibition Statement:

Touch me, I dare you is an interactive exhibition displaying the recent work of

artist Dakari Butler. The exhibition challenges the traditional art gallery experience. Conventionally, artwork is only meant to be viewed, relying strictly on visuals. Just simply standing too close to art is a taboo. In contrast, Touch me, I dare you invites the viewer to touch each piece of art, to explore the textures, to feel the materiality. The viewers become participants open to manipulate each piece in their hands. The artist

uses polyurethane foam, plaster, nails, fabric, matches, handmade sewn objects, yarn,

zip ties, craft materials, dollar tree toys, and found objects to create various textures that

can be felt. From soft, to rigid, to rough, each piece feels completely different from the

other. Sound and smell are used through the beeping of parking sensors, the squeaking

of toy inserts, and a handcrafted tangerine-scented perfume to further widen the

definition of what it means to interact with art. The artist creates an immersive sensory


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