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The Future of the Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Thank you for being an advocate for the arts! We're glad you're here!

Arts Fort Worth has heard loud and clear how important the Fort Worth Community Arts Center is to not only the arts community, but to Fort Worth as a whole.

The Task Force has made it's final recommendation to City Council to redevelop the Fort Worth Community Arts Center into a world-class cultural hub. The City will release a request for proposals from developers to redevelop 1300 Gendy. What will that look like? We need you to let your representatives know how important community arts spaces are to you!

There are two ways you can do this: plan on speaking at the Tuesday, June 13th City Council Meeting. Signing up to speak is not available until the agenda has been posted, but in the

meantime you can get your comments ready. Arts advocates can also email their city representatives directly via email. Find your council district here.

Here are some helpful points that can help you craft our remarks.

What should you say?

  • State your name and what district you live in, including who your councilmember is.

  • Incorporating your personal story into your remarks can be a powerful message: What about spaces and programming at the Arts Center have you found valuable?

  • Combining your story with facts and economic figures can also make your remarks meaningful to the council. You can find resources here and here.

  • Each speaker will have three minutes to speak. Write and practice your remarks in advance. Council members appreciate when you're respectful of their time.

  • Focus on being persuasive and proactive.

Tips for Making Successful Presentations to the Fort Worth City Council

  • State your name and city of residence at the start of your presentation.

  • The best presentations about the issue under discussion are to the point. Presentations that are less than 3 minutes long, but to the point, are more effective with Council than long and repetitive presentations.

  • If your point has been made by previous speakers, feel free to inform the Mayor that you do not need to speak because your point had been made. You can make a simple statement from your seat such as the following: “I do not wish to speak. My point has been made.”

  • If you plan to present Council with information, have the materials organized and ready to present to the City Secretary who will distribute it to Council, and begin your presentation immediately.

  • Address your remarks to the whole Council, rather than to a specific member.

  • Do not ask Council if anyone has questions. Council will ask you to stay at the podium if there is a question.

  • Each podium has a count-down clock, which will indicate how much time is remaining to speak. When the time has ended, a bell will sound and your comments should be completed.

Stay in touch with the latest developments through Arts Fort Worth social media @artsfortworth on Instagram and Facebook and by subscribing to our newsletter.


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