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TAC 17th Annual Juried Exhibition

Updated: Mar 21

Juried by Saria Almidani

Works by Joaquin Marin Facusse, Karen Jacobi, Betsy Horn, Laura Hunt, Cynthia Coldren, Melinda Sikes, Nick Glenn, Megan Scoville, Delia deVer, Kristie Means, Dawn Taft, Fulden Wissinger, Carol Stalcup, Georgia Neame, Kelly Berry, Ron Crouch, Wes Coke, Rose Marie Mercado, Elizabeth Bentley, Ivette Levy, Carol Hayman, Joshua West, Michelle Long, Diana Fortin, Anna French, Jamal Hussain, Daniela Maria Ferreira, and Cabeza-Vanegas

On view August 4 - 26, 2023

Marlene and Spencer Hays Gallery

Juror's statement

"As I was going through the submitted artworks, I realized that many artists are dealing with themes of home, memory, intimacy, and our post-pandemic state. It makes sense that collectively, after three years of isolation, economic hardships, and intense political conditions in the state and country, Texas artists are exploring their relationships with their homes. That can mean the physical spaces they live in, the countries or cities they come from, the places they are being forced out of by gentrification or immigration, and even our planet and its future. Some artists are tapping into personal memories to make those commentaries, and others are making bold statements about what they’re witnessing in their time. What’s incredible about this exhibition is that there is a unified theme among a variety of mediums; figurative, realism, abstract, textile, photography, sculpture, video installations, and more. I feel immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to jury the 17th annual TAC exhibition and thankful for the entrust. The exhibition will be a compelling installation representing the true talents of Texas."

Juror Bio:

Saria Almidani, b.1993, in Damascus, Syria, is an artist, curator, and writer who exhibited with and organized projects in Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. Saria was forcibly displaced from Syria in 2014 and sought asylum in the U.S. after their education in art at the University of Kalamoon. Based in NYC, Saria is the Assistant to Chief Curator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Saria lived in Fort Worth for 8 years before moving, where they worked with galleries, theatres, pop-ups, and other non-profit organizations. Saria curated numerous theatre projects, art exhibitions, and experimental community events. They published nonfiction texts with platforms such as Syria Untold & Jeem and wrote for numerous theatre and podcast projects. They co-founded Tayf Collective, a collective focused on documenting and exhibiting Syrian artists in exile, and they served on multiple juries and consultancies.


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