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Marking the Journey

Updated: May 7

Works by Alexander Isokrari, Mandla Senzanje, and Camika C. Spencer

May 3 – 25, 2024 BNSF Gallery

Marking the Journey delves into the rich tapestry of personal and collective histories crafted by Alexander Isokrari, Mandla Senzanje, and Camika C. Spencer. Their artistic voyage transcends mere physical passage, delving into the depths of identity, memory, and resilience.

At the exhibition's core lies an exploration of patterning and figures, symbolic of the intricate threads that bind us to our roots while propelling us forward into uncharted territories. Each artist, through their unique visual language, etches a lasting impression on their canvases—an interplay of ancestral echoes interwoven with their aspirations for the future.

Alexander Isokrari's creations resonate with profound reverence for ancestry, celebrating the vibrancy of African culture and beliefs through a captivating visual narrative. Mandla Senzanje peers beneath the surface, capturing moments of togetherness, joy, and resilience within African communities, preserving cultural richness through contemporary portraiture. Camika C. Spencer's work is a compelling reflection of the times, drawing inspiration from her transformative year spent in Egypt. Influenced by intricate patterns, vivid textures, and a kaleidoscope of colors, Spencer's art becomes a mirror reflecting the complexities of personal and collective histories.

Marking the Journey invites viewers to engage in a dialogue that surpasses the visual realm, echoing the stories passed down through generations—the narratives of triumph, struggle, and resilience that shape our understanding of self and society. In an era where new voices too often go unheard, this exhibition stands as a testament to the power of art to amplify multiple perspectives and ignite meaningful conversations—a tribute to the enduring spirit of human resilience and the timeless power of art to illuminate the path forward.

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Ann Green
Ann Green
May 06

I am very impressed with the works of Alexander Isokrar, it carries a color that is his signature honoring European culture, history and beliefs with seductive and mysterious lines. happy wheels

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