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Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources

For information about Social Media and Websites, please refer to our Tech Resources page.

Here is a list of resources to help you market your art and practice:

Writing Artist Statements & Bios


Writing Exhibition Proposals


Certificate of Authenticity

Resources in Spanish

Local Online Event Calendars

Working with Galleries & Dealers

Writing Artist Statements & Bios

Artquest | Artist statement

Artspace | "Don't Quote Deleuze": How to Write a Good Artist Statement

All She Makes | The Ultimate Guide to a Better Artist Bio

Format | Artist Bios 101

GYST | Artist Statement Guidelines

GYST | Sample Artist Statements/Bios

CVs/Resumes Artquest | Artist CV

GYST | Resumes & CVs for Artists

Resume Lab | Examples for Artists

Writing Exhibition Proposals Amanda Mollindo | How to Prepare an Exhibition Proposal that Won’t get Ignored

aftrART | A Beginner's Guide to Establishing Yourself as an Artist

Legacies Now | Curatorial Toolkit

Bizfluent | How to Write a Curatorial Proposal

Unbound Visual Arts | Curatorial Statements

CUE | Curatorial Project Proposal Tips

Lisa Shea | Writing an Exhibition Proposal / Exhibition Proposal Template

Harmony Art Fair | Readers ask: What To Include In Exhibition Proposal?

Copyright Registering work under copyright law is optional, but can make protection of work easier. You can also consider using watermarks when sharing your work online. If you are making limited edition prints, you can consider embossing them with a customized seal and placing the edition number directly on the print. U.S. Copyright Office | Registering Works

Artrepreneur Art Business Journal | Regarding Copyright

Artrepreneur Art Business Journal | How to Sell Art Like an Artrepreneur

The Cedars Union | Copyright Basics (3-part series)

Certificate of Authenticity It is recommended that you enclose a certificate of authenticity for each piece. Agora Gallery | How to Prepare a Certificate of Authenticity

Artrepreneur Art Business Journal | Documents You Need to Sell Your Artwork

Resources in Spanish | Manuel - Herramientas para artistas visuales

Agora Gallery | Documentar la venta de tus obras de arte

Local Online Event Calendars If you are a North Texas artist or have an exhibition in North Texas, consider submitting them to the following online calendars to help spread the word. Art&Seek

Art News DFW


Fort Worth Report


Visit Fort Worth

What's Up Fort Worth

Working with Galleries & Dealers The Cedars Union | Dealing with Gallerists

GYST | Galleries, Dealers, Agents, & Consultants

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