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In Parallel

Updated: Jul 11

Works by Julia Jalowiec and JJ Jalowiec

July 5-27, 2024

TranSystems Gallery

Exhibition Statement

"In Parallel" surveys the output of two sculptural practices that evolved adjacently in space

and time. As best friends, studio mates, and sometimes collaborators – 30 years as life

partners and 10 years as practicing artists – Julia Jalowiec and JJ Jalowiec maintained

distinct individual identities while remaining malleable and soft to each other’s modeling

and influence. Solidifying this mental image of two artists working side-by-side is useful in

visualizing how Julia and JJ, as a pair, are themselves analogous to the thematic and

structural elements of the exhibited works.

This exhibition highlights their shared bias toward creating paired sculptures in a parallel

orientation: human figures and various objects, both sculptural and functional. These pairs

are independent but inseverable like Julia and JJ themselves. Whether vases, chimneys, oil

cans, or the human figure, the emphasis is on the vertical pair. Even when inanimate, their

verticality suggests a posture that relates to the body, signifying a certain person-ness. They

also quietly index a private narrative, often in remembrance of a loved one: a telephone

holds the line open; a toggle switch recalls the vocation of a family member; a thimble

honors a friend.

As you engage with these works, note the subtle connections and divergences between

(and sometimes within) each pair of sculptures. Through their lived experiences combined

with their shared studio practice and deep understanding of materiality, Julia and JJ have

retained their unique voices and individual expression while forging pieces that mirror each

other's essence – an essence rooted in longing for human connections.


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