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Good Neighbors

Updated: Feb 12

A Play In Two Acts by Jane M. Lee

Depressed housewife Rosie gets out of bed only to cook dinner for her husband Doug, a hapless insurance salesman who’s frustrated in his marriage and career. He’s the perfect pawn for ambitious neighbor Marilyn, who’s ruthlessly promoting her campaign for community board president. Running against her is incumbent Bart, a dyed-in-the-wool board lifer whose weekly meetings with fellow board member Shirley are the highlight of his existence. Into this quirky tinderbox of a community comes new arrival Mimi, a free spirit who moves into the neighborhood and unwittingly ignites a firestorm. Angst and absurdity mix as Rosie makes an unexpected connection, the board grapples with the fallout from Mimi’s actions, and Marilyn jockeys for power. Everyone in this neighborhood is struggling to get what they want – but they may only end up getting what they deserve.

Original performance Thursday, March 17 at 7:30 p.m

Featuring: Karen Matheny, Jeremiah Johnson, Alex Wade, Robin Clayton, Mandy Reichelt, Lindsey Yarborough, Conner Clark, Spencer Tilley, and Stefany Cambra

Playwright Bio

Jane M. Lee lives and writes in New York City. Her work has been performed across the United States, as well as in Canada and Hong Kong. Her short play Family Emergency was praised for "fus[ing] the hostility of a Jerry Springer program with the warmth and irony of an O. Henry story." Her one-act play Open House was a winner in the Theatre In the Raw Biennial One-Act Playwriting Contest and was produced as a podcast by The Dean Productions Theatre Company.

For more info on the presenting company visit: Instagram @properhijinx or

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