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Future Paradise: Landscapes of Digital Existences

Works by Emilie Duval

On view July 5 - August 25, 2024

Marlene and Spencery Hays Gallery

Exhibition Statement

In her series Future Paradise: Landscapes of Digital Existences, Emilie Duval

explores the intersection of the physical and digital, casting a critical yet whimsical light

on our algorithm-driven reality. The series juxtaposes the optimism of mid-century

aesthetic ideals with the starkness of our current technological landscape.

Duval's work is an assemblage of contrasting textures and mediums, including acrylics,

ink, marker, collages, and spray paint. These elements highlight the tension between

organic life and digital intrusion. By incorporating generative AI to craft her collages, she

questions the authenticity of our perceived realities and challenges the manufactured

"facts" presented to us.

The palm trees and mid-century architecture serve not only as motifs of a bygone era's

vision of utopia but also as vessels to critique our current societal narratives. The

deliberate use of vibrant colors and complex compositions evokes a sense of nostalgia,

while the digital elements interrupt, suggesting a dissonance between past aspirations

and present conditions.

Duval's creative process is iterative and reflective, layering drawings, collages, and print

transfers to create depth and invite contemplation. The curation of each piece is as

intentional as the creation, with every visual element carefully aligned with written

descriptions to construct an experience that both engages and enlightens the viewer.

Each painting is a call to the viewer to ponder the duality of our existence and the digital

footprints we leave behind. Through her art, Duval aims to ignite conversation about the

collective future we are constructing—one pixel at a time.

Duval's animation, rooted in the concept of digital heterotopia, explores the boundless

nature of time and space within digital realms. This piece transcends traditional physical

constraints, immersing viewers in a universe where temporal and spatial limits dissolve.

The visuals fluidly morph, representing the endless possibilities and parallel realities

enabled by digital environments. Through mid-century aesthetics, the animation reflects

on the blending of past, present, and future, inviting contemplation on how digital

spheres can reshape our perceptions of existence. Each loop signifies a journey

through infinite dimensions, capturing the essence of an ever-expanding digital cosmos.


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