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The Arts Council offered candidates an opportunity to respond to a set of questions about the issues important to the arts community and how the candidates would address these issues if elected. These questions and the candidates' answers will allow you compare candidates in the Fort Worth City Council Elections and help us continue to advocate for the arts with our City leaders. These answers are unedited, save for formatting issues.

List of Candidates

Jungus Jordan

Jared Williams

Tiesa Leggett

Jungus Jordan

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Jared Williams

In a few short sentences, tell us about yourself and your relationship to the visual and/or performing arts.

I grew up in southwest Fort Worth and was raised by two working parents: both were public school teachers and people of faith of loved actively participating in church music ministries. Growing up in the church and in a family of musicians, my childhood experiences naturally led me to cultivate a

deep love for music. As a child, I learned how to play the drums and have continued to play over the years for fun and for various church ministries. This formative experience served as a springboard for my passion for the Arts. I continue finding opportunities to expand my artistic abilities - of which learning how to play the piano and taking painting classes with my family have become two of my favorite artistic past-times. I have also been an advocate in Fort Worth for expanding access to art education for youth and families through my work with various local non-profits such as the Friends of I.M. Terrell Foundation. As a board member of this foundation, I am focused on forging partnerships and philanthropic gifts in support of building the next generation of Fort Worth artists who attend the I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM and Visual Performing Arts Academy.

How would you work to increase the City’s investment in the arts industry to meet growing needs and bring our funding in line with other major cities in Texas?

| strongly believe that a vibrant arts industry in Fort Worth is crucial to the future of our city. We see art popping up across our city in all types of forms. From murals to music to a new generation of artists, Fort Worth is a vibrant arts community that reaches across all neighborhoods. Funding for our arts programs must be increased if we want to see the overall wellbeing of all neighborhoods increase. This will mean that Fort Worth, as a city, must commit itself to see the short- and long-term value of investing in the arts and move funding towards it. As a member of the City Council, I will commit to finding more funding from the City to support arts programs across all neighborhoods. I will also use my position to help facilitate cross collaborations between local governments, universities, and the private sector to fund a robust neighborhood based art programs for all Fort Worth residents.

Please share your thoughts on how the arts can help our City lift up diverse voices, close opportunity gaps, and how can Fort Worth’s mayor help this grow?

Art has and will continue to be the way we look into our soul as a city. As we become one of the top ten populated cities in the United States, being able to capture the voices of our diverse population in all areas will be crucial to our success. In the area of the arts, diversity has always driven the expression of art. Music, murals, performances, film, sculptures, design, and all aspects of art benefit from having diverse voices at the table. As our city

has tried to address cultural diversity, we must understand that art is a medium that can help build bridges between communities and neighborhoods. As a member of the City Council, I would like to see us embrace art to engage our residents to help find the commonalities between communities in neighborhoods. Using art to build understanding and communication can help us realize that we have far more in common than what drives us apart. It is my hope that I can sit down with organizations such as the Arts Council of Fort Worth to engage on how to bring new programs and events online to achieve this goal.

We will not become the city we all want Fort Worth to become if we do not work together to build bridges between neighborhoods. I am committed to using the arts as part of the process to achieve this.

As our City recovers from the pandemic, how will you ensure that the arts are part of the conversation regarding City planning, economic development, affordable housing, and neighborhood revitalization initiatives?

Far to often, especially during a crisis, we forget how interconnected everything is. You can't address these issues without a broad and robust discussion that acknowledge that all issues overlap. The arts are and must be a part of City planning, economic development, affordable housing, and neighborhood revitalization. Investing in the arts as part of these processes will help create the outcomes we all want to see. I am committed to ensuring that we discuss the important role that the arts must play in building and maintaining strong neighborhoods across Fort Worth, especially in District 6. One of my priorities includes ensuring that we support local diverse artists by investing in art forms like murals, sculptures and creative lighting around District 6 and the city.

Tell us about the visual and/or performing arts in your Council District. What are you most proud of? What needs help to grow?

Unfortunately, District 6 isn't widely known for traditional public art. Although, I believe there are limitless opportunities to have this type of public art installations across our district, it has not been at a level I think it should be. But in my district, where I do see constant displays of art is in very personal spaces. From homes to churches and in our local businesses, art is expressed through our music and culture. I think sometimes we undervalue this as a district and city. I would like to see projects that capture the personalization of art and the cultural experiences that live within our district.

Tiesa Leggett*

*Candidate Leggett's answers are transcribed from a virtual interview with the Arts Council.

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