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On this page, find advice on writing exhibition proposals, CVs, Resumes, cover letters, artist statements, artist bios, navigating copyright laws, certificates of authenticity, and tips on selling your work. Also included are local online event calendars, networking tips, working with galleries, and communicating with art dealers. 

Click the underlined links below for more information on that topic.

1. Writing Artist Statements & Bios

  • Artquest | Artist statement

  • Artspace | "Don't Quote Deleuze": How to Write a Good Artist Statement

  • All She Makes | The Ultimate Guide to a Better Artist Bio

  • Format | Artist Bios 101

  • GYST | Sample Artist Statements and Bios


2. CVs/Resumes

3. Writing Exhibition Proposals

5. Certificate of Authenticity

It is recommended that you enclose a certificate of authenticity for each piece.

7. Local Online Event Calendars

If you have a show coming up, virtual or in-person, consider submitting them to the following online calendars to help spread the word.

8. Working with Galleries & Dealers

Writing Exhibition Proposals
Writing Artist Statemets and Bios
Certifcate of Authenticity
Resources in Spanish
Local Online Event Calendars
Working with Galleris and Dealers
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