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Selling Your Art

On this page you will find a list of resources to help you sell your work. This includes how to package and ship your work, certifications of authenticity, creating a bill of sales for documentation, using online selling platforms, and ways to set up your own art business.


Click the underlined links below for more information on that topic.

Bill of Sals
Online Selling

4. Certificate of Authenticity

Some situations may require a certificate of authenticity works sold.

5. Online Selling Platforms

All selling platforms have different application processes and may collect commissions or require memberships. Visit their websites for further information and research suitability based on your selling needs. You can also choose to sell art directly from your own website. 

6. Setting up an Art Business:

If you are considering setting up your own art business instead of selling your work through external online platforms as listed above, here is a helpful webinar recording from The Cedars Union.

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