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Updated: May 16, 2023

Works by Red Milk Crone

Presented by Art Room

August 5–October 1, 2022

Watered Down: La Vie Des Femmes is a show with pieces ranging in medium from paintings to fiber and sculpture, all of which represent women. Through plants, Judaic and catholic biblical historical events, Aztec Gods, and occupations, this body of work shows the reality of what it means to be a woman. Mixed inspiration from Pablo Picasso, Leonara Carrington and Francis Bacon all flows through this body of work.

About Red Milk Crone

Red Milk Crone aka Lady Di is a mixed media artist that rebels against the traditional methods and styles, often confusing the viewer and making them fall into her world of works like a Venus fly trap.

She started painting and creating as a toddler in her mother’s kitchen with a phonebook and pens while her mother was cooking. As she grew, so did her art studies throughout her school years to college and University. Born and raised in Toronto to a daughter of a jewelry designer and maker, she had to grow in a fast paced and male dominated art world with constant rejection and constant reminders of being a woman. Creating and painting for four decades allows Lady Di to constantly adapt, to change and ignore authority for the “art rules”. “There are no rules when creating. Art is politics, whether it’s your views or not.”

Now a full time artist and illustrator, Lady Di continues to push the dialogue that is often taboo.

About Art Room

Art Room is a Fort Worth-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to educate, inspire, and support underrepresented youth and adult artists in the Fort Worth community through a sustainable, programmatic offering of arts education. We have the vision to transform our visual arts community by making room for art. Art Room is currently the Arts Fort Worth Art Collective Resident.

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