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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Works by Marilyn Jolly and Norman Kary

January 7-February 26, 2022

BNSF Gallery

Artist Statement : Marilyn Jolly

"It's Complicated", 2019, wood, mixed media, 42" x 16" x 21"

I watch the weather, the time passing- increasingly limited time, the seasons changing-shifting light, my thoughts. So much internal dialogue- old conversations, to do lists, theories of thought, new ideas/old ideas. I try to pay attention to what my mind thinks and also the way it thinks. These things interest me and have integrated into my studio practice.

My practice of meditation, my observation of nature and the nature of growth and change, my interest in the way ordering and structure affect my day to day activities, all come to play in my work.

I respond to materials that reflect a sense of history, use, personal mark, and I aspire to communicate ideas with economy, when possible. It is an ongoing process that I am still refining.

I think and think and then I hope to loose myself in the process of making, the details, the surface, color, materials, the thing coming into itself and the letting go of other possibilities and doubt. Internal chatter opens up to make space for quiet concentration.

“Battle for Control of my Soul”, 2019, paint, cast zeppelin, thread on panel, 18x15x2

Artist Statement: Norman Kary

My challenge as an artist has always been to present a stage for these objects to tell their story. The inspiration for the found objects I discover comes from an understanding that they possess a personal, hidden narrative; an underlying story to share with us. Seemingly random objects such as globes, watch pieces, and dice have a direct reference for me to time, memory and chance. These disparate materials and imagery create characteristically complex, enigmatic works that may not be understood upon their initial viewing. Various objects have different meanings to each and every one of us so the conclusion to that narrative I leave solely up to the viewer.

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