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Their Neck of the Woods

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Works by Amber Hart

TranSystems Corporation Gallery

March 4 - 26, 2022

Artist Talk on Saturday, March 26 at 1 p.m.

Artist Statement

I grew up in a small Louisiana neighborhood where neighbors became close friends, and the social events were frequent with an open invitation. In 2012, my perspective on the suburbia lifestyle shifted dramatically. Dallas’s suburbs sit at a constant building stage and was an introduction into the reality of “cookie cutter” homes. My neighborhood acted as a subway station and me and my neighbors were just passengers waiting for the right platform to get off at. I began to realize that the homes were built as temporary holding spaces. Social events are few and far in between. Just a passive aggressive strong odor of barbeque from a few houses down would let you know that one was close by. These two drastically different environments led me to the principal theme in my work –exploring the suburbia lifestyles of past and present Americans through narrative surrealism. Details found in my paintings are gathered by research in Mid-Century to present day architecture, lifestyle, and art history. Although the work is very concrete in imaginary, I allow room for viewers to create their own narratives.

Artist Bio

b. 1997 in Louisiana

Living and working in North Texas

Amber Hart is a first-generation American born citizen from a Belizean family that immigrated to America in 1976. She grew up in the small town of Covington, Louisiana where the community was tightly knit. In 2012, Hart moved to North Texas where she first came face to face with the concept of “cookie cutter” communities. Her work reflects the need for human connection within communities that are built as temporary holding spaces.

'Hello 2021', 12" x 14”, Oil on canvas

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