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The Inner Landscape

Updated: May 17, 2022

Works by TWU Students

May 6-28, 2022

TranSystems Gallery

Call and response is as human as anything–it is a communication practice beginning with a phrase, or call, th

at asks for acknowledgement from another party. As we move further into a more endemic world, the joys of in-person communication bring forward a new and fresh energy. We have also had long and intimate time with our inner world–time to process, think, connect to new hobbies, and evolve into a new reality.

In this climate, professors Meg Griffiths and Christine Adame structured a unique collaborative exhibition between two classes at Texas Woman’s University: Alternative Processes in Photography and Printmaking. Photography students began the call by exploring the theme of “inner landscape”. They connected the cyanotype process to aspects of the self and intersections of identity, relationships, nature, creativity, and heritage.

The works begun by the photography class were then passed on at random to printmaking students. Students in the printmaking class responded to the works’ meaning, acknowledging the call and responding with their own understanding of the theme of inner landscapes.

Necessarily in this process there is some separation. The collaboration has been done by different classes in different rooms at different times, with a loosely applied rule of secrecy–students were asked not to try to speak to their counterpart about the work. The result is a poignant conversation across creative practice and a testament to the persistence of human connection.


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