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Rebecca Low in the Sheila and Houston Hill Courtyard Gallery

Updated: Oct 3

The Fort Worth Community Art Center Courtyard Gallery Program is an exhibition initiative in partnership with Fort Worth Public Art with a permanent untitled project by artist Kris Pierce. The plinths, or pedestals, are designed to allow for temporary exhibition of three-dimensional artworks. An extension of the Arts Center’s interior galleries, the Sheila and Houston Hill Courtyard Gallery provides a prominent outdoor venue for temporary sculptural artworks in one of the most architecturally significant Cultural Districts in the United States.

Triangles - 78”h x 40” w x 44”d

Rebecca Low

Artist Statement

My art is very diverse. I create what I see. When I look at what many people call junk, I may see all kinds of things – very much like seeing faces or objects or landscapes in the clouds. Empty space is filled when I see it. Then I either take found objects or raw metal or both and often combine them with paint, water, rock, glass, fire or any other material to help me create my vision. My attempt is not to try and control – I let the visions and materials control themselves, my work and me.

5 Ladders - 78” h x 70”w x 52”

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