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Peep in the Deep

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Works by Erika Jaeggli

October 7 - November 26, 2022

Program Gallery

Peep in the Deep is an exhibition of new works by Dallas-based artist Erika Jaeggli. The paintings presented here are a continuation of Jaeggli’s ongoing investigation into cave systems. Caves are an important part of Jaeggli’s research with their other-worldly formations, scale, geometry, and colors. Conceptually, they represent an intersection of art, history, geology and philosophy. In cultures throughout the world, caves often have a gendered association and are known the “womb” of the earth. Considering an alternative view of the landscape through a feminine lens is an important concern when creating these works. Rather than the traditional approach to landscape painting in which the viewer gazes upon the earth from a distance, these works ask the viewer to look inside the earth. Entering a cave feels like entering a body. Through these works, the artist’s aim is to dissolve boundaries and present the earth as a living, breathing organism. The works that make up this exhibition are a cross-section of Jaeggli’s process. The paintings combine digital collage, encaustic wax, and oil paint. The process of joining new and traditional media are a nod to the artist’s contemporary interpretation of caves, which are the sites of the ancient forms of art.

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