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Old Enough to Kill

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

By Steve Weaver

Presented by The Arts Center Presents

Two outsiders, who found each other in the senior year of high school, face the inevitable separation that comes with graduation in a a coming-of-age set in the turbulent year of 1970. An isolated West Texas teen is forced to navigate the tripwire of graduation, the draft of Vietnam and the minefield of self-doubt in an era when doing the right thing is more threatening that the fog of war he faces.

Originally performed Tuesday, March 7 at 7:30

Featuring: Nik Braswell, Eduardo Njaka, and Andy Beckman

Author Bio

Steve Weaver's playwrighting talent was unleashed by the educational opportunities of the Ohio Playwrights Circle beginning in 2018. Bringing to the keyboard his interests in both fiction and non-fiction stories, Steve has crafted a number of short plays plus "That Very Wicked Thing", a one act based on the true relationship between famed aviator Orville Wright and his sister Katherine; and a full length drama of a high school graduate facing an uncertain future in 1970, "Old Enough to Kill'.

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