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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Works by Adrianna Touch and Corrie Thompson

July 1-30, 2022

Visit Fort Worth Gallery

Artist Talk:

Saturday, July 30, 2022 AT 2 p.m.

Gleaning, featuring work by artists Adrianna Touch and Corrie Thompson, centers on the hopeful gesture of gathering items that would become lost or useless if it were not for the artists’ attention. From sculptures and wall hangings, to tests, vessels, and found objects, these bits and pieces return Touch and Thompson to their inherited stories and lived identities. Gleaning is the artists’ first collaborative project. It incorporates crowd-sourced elements in an intuitive give-and-take between the artists.

The exhibition was first shown at Moncrief Cancer Institute in fall 2021 during the pandemic. Visitors contributed small items to the vessel, Tom Yum Pot, which were then incorporated into several new artworks. Gleaning, “to collect gradually and bit by bit … from various sources,” not only encapsulates what Touch and Thompson do in their studios, but it also describes their exchange with initial visitors to the exhibition, who gave objects of their own and re-encountered them, transformed.

Adrianna Touch (b. Dallas) engages in imaginative forms through object making and arranging. She reconstructs elements of her identity as Cambodian American to inform her own new reality. Touch received her MFA from Texas Christian University in Sculpture in 2022. She attended the University of North Texas and graduated in 2017, receiving her BFA in Drawing/Painting. She has exhibited at Moudy Gallery, Cliff Gallery in Dallas College, Goldmark Culture Center, Moncrief Cancer Institute, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Rockport Center for the Arts, and 500x Gallery.


Corrie Thompson (b. Los Angeles) makes drawings, books, and textiles that explore tensions between identity and loss. Thompson grew up between the United States, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea and currently lives in Fort Worth, TX. She received an MFA in Studio Art at Texas Christian University in 2022, and a BA in Fine Art from North Park University in Chicago in 2013. In 2021, her work and writing were featured in two publications, Mother’s Days, by Lenka Clayton, and Shelter in Place: Artist Mothers Work, compiled by Tulika Ladsariya and Angela Lopez. Her work has been exhibited in Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, and Texas, with recent exhibitions at Blind Alley Projects, Moudy Gallery, Moncrief Cancer Institute, PRP Agency, Craighead Green, and Fort Worth Contemporary Arts.


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