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FWISD Top 10 Senior Portfolio Visual Arts Exhibit 

Updated: May 31, 2022

May 6-28, 2022

Program Gallery

Fort Worth ISD Visual Arts Department presents our Top 10 Senior Portfolio Visual Arts Exhibit. The exhibit is meant to empower students to achieve and grow through visual arts education and learn creative problem solving. This opportunity prepares our students for college and teaches them how to create a professional body of work. 

Savannah Claudio

1st Place Winner

Artist Statement: Creating to me is a form of language; I use my artwork as a way to represent my feelings of melancholy and apprehension when words fail me. The goal of my artwork is to further understand myself through it, and hopefully guide others who view my work onto a similar path of self discovery, however that maybe. No one should be scared to be their genuine self and my work represents my personal condition in its rawest form.

Kalayna Rendon

My name is Kalayna Rendon and I am a Gold Seal Art Student at Arlington Heights High School. I have completed the AP Design Portfolio and am currently in AP Drawing and AP 3-D design. The purpose of my jewelry pieces is to express my love of flowers, simplistic but elegant designs as well as whimsical style. The intent of my drawings is to capture a single moment in time.

Amaya Gusman

The walls of the world's biggest building wouldn't be able to contain all the illustrations I've ever created. Every drawing, every doodle, every line etched by my very hand could cover every surface on this planet, and there still wouldn't be enough room. At a young age I’d draw on anything I could get my hands on- magazines, mail, even calendars, and create elaborate illustrations- as elaborate as a little girl can get. Now, I create works of art primarily by painting, traditionally and digitally, to communicate my thoughts and interests. My passion for creating stems from my childhood aspirations to share with the world what I can accomplish while cultivating my creativity. For as long as I live, I will continue to create a plethora of illustrations- More than the largest building in the world could contain.

Abram Alcantar

This body of work is representative of all of my four high school years. The order of these pieces are significant as they represent my growth and development from the beginning of my freshmen year to my senior year. In this portfolio, there are certain groups of pieces that have similar skills as an artist, which evolve throughout the portfolio. For example, pieces 1-2 are study pieces and were purely to develop skills, hence their drastic differences. Pieces 3-5 is a collective work where I applied those past skills into portraits, focusing on facial features and color. Pieces 6-8 shows the development of space and environmental presence, combining my previous learned skills into pieces that have emotional presence. Piece 9 is very important in itself as it marks the point in my journey where I’m confident enough to delve outside and experiment with my art, which is shown through the difference in medium. This experimentation is ultimately honed in pieces 10-12 as I leaped into an entirely different type of art.

Mercedes Henderson

I want to illustrate the reality of people in my life and the expression of others in my art. What they truly feel in a way people don’t see. Each individual is different in their own way. I always loved learning about the stories of other people, it’s what makes you unique so I wanted to paint their story for more to see. My style of art I would like to describe as collected yet freely abstract. I love to use bold yet vibrant colors that stand out. It makes my pieces lively and stands out. My vision of what I'm creating is not to be strict to one subject, but to add character and captivation by using shapes, colors and texture. I want my audience to depict the story how they want to, whether it’s the colors I use, shapes and style. I’m often asked what the point of my work is and it’s to gain the understanding of what someone’s going through on a personal level. I personally ask them about themselves. Whether it’s their appearance, personality or traumatic experiences they’re comfortable with sharing. Given that I paint what I see and what I learned from them. That’s where my inspiration comes from as well. From that I like to use what I learned about him or myself to be my main point in my work to stand out from the others. My medium, which is Acrylic Paint, is what I use in the majority of my work because of how many different ways I can use them. It fits well because I can make my paints smooth and detailed to textured and messy.

Abigail Christian

My name is Abbey, and I am an artist and a fashion designer. I create art to express a new perspective on everyday life as well as to create a happy place for myself and others. My favorite part of the process is using color, which I feel is a central part in my art. Some of the main topics portrayed in these pieces are nature, anatomy and how the two are interconnected. Another theme in this body of artwork is combination; I intentionally mix genres, media, concepts, and reality to illustrate new ideas. An example of this is how each of my 3D designs include some aspect of upcycled materials, which represents blending old and new. Fashion designing and drawing are things that I love doing, and I hope you enjoy experiencing my art just as much! Thank you.

Adrian Gutierrez

Hi, my name is Adrian Gutierrez and I am a Gold Seal student here at Arlington Heights High school. I am currently taking AP 3-D Jewelry and AP Drawing. My artwork all represents my Hispanic heritage, my Chicano culture. Art isn’t just a hobby to me, Art is a passion and a gift, it’s the key to success in my life. Every piece of art I create from drawings to 3-D jewelry pieces, I put effort and my heart into every piece of art I create. The stories that my Hispanic culture represents is a phenomenon to my ancestors. To war, romance, activities, cars, and people, it’s all a blessing I love to talk about to new people I meet about my artwork. My pen and ink techniques are on point and very very detailed. The ne lines in my work, the shading, the small details in my artwork catch the eye of any person that visualizes it. The color work that I use with sharpie really makes the artwork stand out more. My muscle memory and my visualization is really a gift, I can visualize the highlighting of the girls' hair, the reflection in the cars and the characters' eyes. I want to start o my life with the gift I have, my dream of being one of the greatest artists to live is just the beginning, being a tattoo artist is the thing that's always gonna have my creativity going, Being an idol to people is the thing I want to accomplish, to inspire, to admire, and to accomplish.

Amelia Neilson-Slabach

My body of work explores the quiet emotions, emotions that are often left unexpressed. I try to capture a mood in each of my pieces that communicates these emotions, evoking a feeling through contrast, value, and color. I’ve used a variety of mediums to achieve this, including graphite, ink, acrylic, marker, watercolor, charcoal, wire, and digital media.

Marli Rahn

My artwork is meant to reflect moments of my novel and D&D campaign, while simultaneously carrying on what the depicted character feels in the painting. I use digital art for a more clean feel that lets me use multiple styles of mediums, such as pen and ink, oil crayons, acrylic, guache, and oil painting. I can convey a variety of expressions with the custom brushes and effects that let me convey the words of the story in only one image.

Maria Caraveo

When being stuck in your own mind starts to get fearful, that's when it’s time to either nda way out or make yourself a door to escape. Although in the beginning it might seem like a time of ease, being able to see the world from a form of having no sense of reality, daydreaming, carelessness. All the memories you once had, starting to fade your mind, not having the energy to reach a hand out to grasp them one last time. This Senior Portfolio is my last time to reach a hand out and come to peace with the struggle and acceptance of mental health, the growth that comes with growing apart from family and your once home and the long and dark road of self discovery. We are born into cold houses with slamming doors, but we’re not what we are born into. When empty homes are filled with sadness and rage, we somehow nd the smaller things to hold onto. We nd ourselves in places we aren’t needed, just to nd what we are looking for. Taking trips to the places once adored, not finding anything anymore. We watch ourselves drown over and over again, just to realize we are existing for others, but I think we should exist for ourselves.

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