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Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Works by Philip Denker

On view June 30 - July 29, 2023

The Hays Foundation Gallery

Artist Statement:

"My work tends to bounce back and forth between a sterile, digital aesthetic and the

familiarity of more traditional practices. My process plays within the expansive range of digital technology and craft, creating a parallel between complex computer imagery and timeless forms of artistry through an obsessive craftsman like process. Precision and controlled accidents, obsessive manual repetition and multiplying glitches, are the results of a process that occasionally breaks down in execution to yield errors in the ‘code’. I appreciate both the speed and consistency of programmed technology as well as, the hand made with its tendencies for human error. The meditative, and at times, laborious progression allows for the development of twitches and errors within the complex and methodical system."

Artist Biography:

Philip Denker is a visual artist whose work mainly focuses on the drawing process, with an obsessive mark making nature. Using tools such as machine made templates, typewriters and computer software Philip's work explores the symbiotic relationship between the hand crafted and the machine-made. Philip has shown throughout the United States. He recently curated a show of abstract artist at Troost Gardens in Kansas City, Missouri. He has work

in The Anderson Museum in Roswell, New Mexico. Philip has attended several

residencies, most notably the Roswell Artist in Residence program in

Roswell, New Mexico. And the Bullseye Glass residency in Portland, Oregon. Philip

currently lives in Plano, Texas with his wife and son.

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