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de aquí cae agua: an inner communion

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Works by Christopher Nájera

On view September 1-30, 2023

Frost Bank Gallery

Exhibition Statement

“de aquí cae agua: an inner communion” invites the viewer to investigate the strength of unconditional love, radical acceptance, and personal agency from a new spirituality to regain lost power, through the use of drawing and storytelling.

Inspired by the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Christopher Nájera pulls ideas of alchemy, enlightenment, and death of the ego from Psychomagia. In a culture lost to irony and postmodernism, we are swinging back into a new world where we seek the coexistence of sincerity and irony, empathy and apathy, light and dark. “de aquí cae agua” is a personal narrative where the soul is awakened by the four laws of magic, poder, osar, querer, callar. Wherein consciousness is awakened and reclaimed, personal strength and power are absorbed into the god of oneself. The ability to transmute lower vibrational energy into one that transcends is alchemical. The alchemy involved in recognizing opposite ends of oneself, into one of living and accepting it all as one being, leads to higher consciousness and peace.

Artist Biography

My name is Christopher Nájera, b.1992. I am currently based out of Fort Worth, Texas.

I went to the University of North Texas and graduated with a BFA in Visual Studies and Studio Art. I am currently pursuing candidacy towards an MFA at TCU. As a child of immigrants, this part of my identity is so important to me and the way that I interact with my work and the people I surround myself with. My work is autobiographical and references the local DFW area, my Chicanx roots, queer identity, and the current cultural zeitgeist in the hopes that the people consuming my work can feel a sense of acknowledgement and understanding. My work deals with the intersectionality of identity, spirituality, juxtaposition and duality.

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