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Dance Like a Rodeo Tornado

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Works by Sophia del Rio, Christopher Brown, Teresa Foster, Alexandra F. Light, Daisy Moore, Drew McDonald, Diane Pereira (Red Milk Crone), Merri Ellen Kase, Joshua West, Angela Pieper,; Elizabeth Bonner, Kelly Berry, Demarcus McGaughey,; Andrew Mcilvaine, Laura Hunt,; Dominique Elliott, Lori Maclean, Allester Vinteers, James Michael Bandy,; Andriy Nemchenko, Jerry Shidal, Amanda Conant, Vincent Sandoval, Lynne Buchanan, Olivia Varnell, Amye Wake, Jovelyn Roden, Amy Jenkins, Kelsey Wells, Patrick Flynn, and Michael Archer

On view January 13 - February 25, 2023

Spencer and Marlene Hays Foundation Gallery

Exhibition Statement

The “West” is a physical place defined by the U.S. government as a region west of the American Great Plains. As with other regional boundaries of the United States, time and movement have made that boundary an uncertain mark on the map. This too holds true of our notions of the West—a construct of history, myth, and our own perceptions. Amon Carter pitched a slogan for Fort Worth, rather than relying on longitudes and geography, he evoked the West as a state of mind, steeped in Romanticism: Where the West Begins.

Dance Like a Rodeo Tornado is a Western & Rodeo themed exhibition comprised of artworks by thirty-two artists exploring the history, people, landscape, wildlife, and fantasy of the areas in the western regions and reflecting the hybrid identity of Fort Worth, Texas.

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