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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Works by Scott Bell

February 4 - March 26, 2022

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Artist Statement

This series of works details the curse of our current over-stimulated culture. The work acts as a visual representation of the struggle to be present while in a constant search for distraction. Here, imagery battles for your attention, as the flat colors comment on levels of clear and present focus. The representational imagery acts as a conduit for more stimulating spaces the mind would rather be. I describe these spaces by using symbols of common distractions; articles that populate that back of your head: goals, shopping, power, fear, travel, beauty, and human interactions. These themes are exciting, and our collective culture put a premium on their obtainment, causing a daydream effect. We find ourselves perpetually looking to the future or to the past while skipping looking at life in real time. Pondering the idea of living in the present moment, letting a moment to be what it is, and examining how hard that is to do in our current culture. These works chronicle and examine this struggle.

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