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Appropriated Portrayals

Works by Kelly Waller

On view January 6 -February 25, 2023

TranSystem Gallery

Kelly Waller, Red Truck, 2017, 11.25 x 6.5 in., mixed media, NFS

Artist Statement

I believe that art is a reflection of time and place. I consider the body of work to be self-portraits, as they reflect my intuitive decision-making in the arrangement and form of the piece. The imagery throughout the work reflects a sense of place. All the materials are found in antique or resale shops in cities I have lived or places in which I have had personal associations. Through these works, I am trying to relate to the idea that we are a product of our own environment and the decisions in life we make. We are also products of the media that we choose to consume. Using magazine imagery and physical alterations, I hope to reference the censorship and control that people have over media as well as the way in which we censor ourselves from other people.

Artist Bio

Kelly Waller was born in Tyler, Texas. Currently, she is a candidate for a Master’s in Fine Arts at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX. Her work explores recontextualizing media into sculptural forms that utilize mediums such as paper, printmaking, andfibers. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including the Cimmaron National Works on Paper Exhibition, juried by Jodi Throckmorton. Kelly has been awarded with the Grady Barger Gardner Endowed Scholarship for Art as well as several assistantships in her graduate degree pursuit. She has been actively learning new skill sets to improve her artistic endeavors in multidisciplinary approaches.

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