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After Sense

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Presented by Easyside

Works by Joyce Alexander, Francisco Alvarado, Rachael Henson, Usama Khalid, and Hannah Rotwein

On view April 7 - April 29, 2023 | Opening Reception, April 7, 6-9 p.m.

Frost Gallery

For this year’s Fair Housing Month exhibition at Arts Fort Worth, Easyside is proud to present After Sense, featuring artists Joyce Alexander, Francisco Alvarado, Rachael Henson, Usama Khalid, and Hannah Rotwein. We increasingly see issues of fair housing in the news, from a rising population experiencing homelessness, to the unobtainable and ballooning cost of home ownership, to the rent crisis exacerbated by the pandemic. While the urgency, scale, and variety of this issue is daunting, it is also personal and has stakes in every corner of American life. After Sense considers the necessity of home and its impact on quality of life, with works that not only highlight the comforts and securities that artists associate with their relationships to place and belonging, but also the heartache that exists within those

Façade (for Dallas) by Hannah Rotwein

concepts. Hannah Rotwein, Untitled (Cheesy Toast), 2022 The remembrance of personal history, specifically as it relates to domestic spaces, is often best accessed through the senses. Particular smells, textures, patterns, or tastes bring us closer to the familiar yet sometimes out-of-reach qualities of home. In order to communicate ideas relating to place, the featured artists incorporate domestic imagery and materials, often including food or references to it. Rachel Henson's artwork is actually edible, while Joyce Alexander employs sugar as a fractured yet self-healing coating atop glittering imagery, and Francisco Alvarado's

wall installation builds tension as the oranges deteriorate over time. Usama Khalid and Hannah Rotwein incorporate pieces of the family home into their three-dimensional works, from trash to treasured photographs. These elements conjure nostalgia, creating dialogues between the artists, their communities, and their viewers that are rooted in nuanced personal experiences of home. Rotwein refers to her sculptures as “full of personality and alchemically transformed [...] at once familiar and strange.” This could be an apt description of many of the works in After Sense, which are in turns uncanny and relatable in their activation of human senses and the memories we attach to them. For additional information, please contact

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