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Updated: Aug 8, 2022

A Full-length play by Hal Katkov

Presented by National Michael Checkhov Association on Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.

Featuring Mark Shum, David Coffee, Kenja L Brown, Eduardo Najka, Joshua Sherman, Addison Hurst, and Lisa Dalton as the Director

A happy gay marriage implodes when one partner is stricken by FOMO – and leaves the nest for a new relationship with a much younger man. Will he discover the only thing he’s missing out on is true love?

Author Bio

Emerging Gay Playwright, Hal Katkov, a gay man and advertising copywriter who's created award-winning work for dozens of Fortune 500 firms, received his BA from Middlebury College and Master's in Advertising from Northwestern University. His playwriting mission: levity featuring meaty topics, too. For example, Otherwise Engaged - his very first play - features droll banter while exploring the characters' fear of emotional intimacy... and racism and body-shaming in the gay world. 'Otherwise Engaged' was chosen for virtual performance by The New Works Virtual Festival. Out of 700+ plays submitted, just 20 were selected. Recently, Otherwise Engaged received an Honorable Mention in the annual Writer's Digest competition. And became a semi-finalist in the Austin Film Festival Playwriting Competition. Both received thousands of entries. Hal lives in Palm Desert, California, where the pool is warm and the martinis are not. For playwriting enquiries, please email:

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