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16th Annual Texas Artists Coalition Member Show

Updated: May 16, 2023

Curated by Narong Tintamusik

August 5-27, 2022

Marlene and Spencer Hays Foundation Gallery


Esther Ritz, Audrey Williams, Betsy Horn, Alexandra Farber, Deyjah Stewart, Diana Synatzske,

Alexandra Barnett, Andrea Lamarsaude, Constance Hall, David Conn, Carol Hayman, Janie Stidham, Julie Brown, Marianna Seaton, Emily McDaniel, Julie England, Ginger Davis, Richard A. Sukup, Lori Maclean, Ron Crouch, Elizabeth Bentley, Cynthia Coldren, Lucy Blanton , Hannah Rotwein, Ashli Wells, Lauren Feniken, Duke Horn, Hallow Geffert, Koryna Guardado

Raghav Kaneria, Anastacia Sadeh, Christopher Cunningham, William Webster, Jenna Grace, Jessica Battes-Grabowski, Deborah Kapoor, Daniela Maria Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas

Curator Statement

As I was selecting pieces for the show, I noticed that the works generally communicate themes of harmony and discord. While living within this collective period of strife and anxiety, artists are sensitive individuals that respond to stimuli in different ways. I observed works that directly portrayed one’s psychological states or immediate surroundings. Ideas of fragmentation, disembodiment, overstimulation coexists with moments of serenity, peace, mending, and wholeness. The art is talking more about the “now” instead of portraying what occurred or what will happen. Being in the present with these works means reconciling any edginess we may feel in order to be tranquil again. 

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