Grants Panelists

Volunteer panelists play a crucial role in the grant making process by ensuring that grants are distributed to those programs and organizations that are most worthy, impactful, and relevant to the Fort Worth community.

The role of a Grants Panelist is a serious yet fulfilling commitment that has far reaching effects. Panelists act as good stewards of public dollars, ensuring that funds are used wisely by evaluating applications with a critical and objective eye. In doing so, volunteer Grants Panels allow us to fulfill our mission of creating an environment that promotes, nurtures, and supports the arts in our community!


Panelists can expect to spend 20–30 hours over the course of 2 months fulfilling their duties as a volunteer reviewers. Total time spent fulfilling program duties is variable, based on the items listed below:

  • Panelist Orientation – Webinar in July/August. Duration is approximately 1 hour.
  • Online Application Review – The number of applications for each grant pool varies from year to year, however panelists can expect to review on average 15 applications total, serving as primary reviewer on approximately 3 applications. Review time varies, however panelists should anticipate spending approximately 1 hour reviewing each application.
  • Grants Panel Review Session – Review session held onsite at the Arts Council offices in late September. Duration is approximately 5 hours.

2019/2020 Grants Panel Divisions:

  • Wednesday, September 25: Panel 1 – Operating Support, Level I
  • Thursday, September 26: Panel 2 – Operating Support, Level II
  • Friday, September 27: Panel 3 – GO! Arts Program Support

Panel placement is decided based on expertise, diversity, panelist preference, and conflicts of interest within each panel. Panel assignments are finalized upon the receipt of all grant applications in August. 2019/2020 Grants Panel Review Sessions will be September 25–27 and typically last from 8:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. All panelists serve single year terms. However, panelists may serve multiple years in a row, as invited back by Arts Council staff.

How do I get involved?

Individuals can either nominate themselves or a peer to serve as a Grants Panelist. The nomination process is as follows:

Step 1: Carefully review the Volunteer Grants Panelist Job Summary
Step 2: Submit a Panelist Nomination Form.
Step 3: Await approval of your nomination. If your nomination is approved, you or your nominee will be contacted by Arts Council staff.

Please note that nomination or submission of an application does not guarantee a position as a volunteer reviewer. If you have any further questions about serving as a panelist, please contact


Thank you for your interest in supporting our artistic community through your service!