Heart of Gold Awards Luncheon


 Celebrating Leadership & Philanthropy in the Arts

The Arts Council of Fort Worth introduced the Heart of Gold Awards as an instrument for recognizing the outstanding contributions of local individuals and institutions to the arts in Fort Worth. This year, we are pleased to honor Deborah Jung as the 2018 Heart of Gold Recipient and Paul Paine as the Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Recipient, for their roles as leaders of the arts in Fort Worth.

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Through the Heart of Gold Awards Luncheon, the Arts Council of Fort Worth has been able to honor the following individuals and organizations for their positive impact on the arts in Fort Worth.

Heart of Gold Awards 2017 | John Giordano (Lifetime Achievement in the Arts) | Larry and Karen Anfin

Heart of Gold Awards 2016 | Ben Stevenson, O.B.E. (Lifetime Achievement in the Arts) | Frost

Heart of Gold Awards 2015 | Miguel Harth-Bedoya (Lifetime Achievement in the Arts) | Willa Dunleavy

Heart of Gold Awards 2014 | Sharon Benge (Lifetime Achievement in the Arts) | Mac Churchill | Juana Rosa Daniell

Heart of Gold Awards 2013 | Louise Britt Carvey | Val Wilkie Jr. | Darren Woods (Innovator in the Arts)