Cultural Plan 2014

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The 2014 Cultural Plan is here -and the fun is just beginning!

The 2014 Cultural Plan is all about the arts and culture in your city and we want you to be a part of it. Take a look through the recently completed Final Plan then sign up to receive plan updates on the right. We’ll keep you in the know as the plan progresses so that you can be a part of moving the Cultural Plan from creation to implementation!

2014 Cultural Plan Backstory

In February 2001, the leadership of Greater Fort Worth undertook a strategic planning process focused exclusively on the areas of arts and culture within the City of Fort Worth. Working through the Arts Council, city leadership contracted Wolf, Keens & Co. of Cambridge, Massachusetts to assist with all aspects of planning and research during the plan’s development. This tactical roadmap was carefully crafted with the aid of voices throughout the Fort Worth community to address the unique needs among Fort Worth citizens and their relationship with the arts.

In the twelve years since completion of the 2002 Cultural Plan, the City of Fort Worth continued to develop at a rapid pace. With such changes recognized, the city’s Arts Funding Task Force, instated by Mayor Betsy Price, made a fitting recommendation to update the 2002 Cultural Plan in a manner that reflects the current needs existing among Fort Worth’s art establishments and residents. In response, the Arts Council of Fort Worth and the City of Fort Worth invited WolfBrown Consultants back to Fort Worth to embark on updating plan for the city in 2014.

Throughout 2014, a team of professional consultants and staff from the Arts Council of Fort Worth worked closely with local leadership and the public at-large, to reexamine the needs of the city as related to arts and culture. Over the course of ten months, those individuals met via public meetings, committee reviews, and interview sessions to update the original 2002 Cultural Plan in a manner that would serve to retain, preserve, and enhance the best of Fort Worth’s cultural past and present while building the quality of life for the new century.

The 2014 Cultural Plan was presented to Fort Worth City Council on January 27, 2015 and is scheduled for adoption in the coming months. A copy of the completed plan can be viewed here.