Here is a list of resources to help you sell your work:

  1. Photographing Your Work

  2. Setting up an Instagram Account

  3. Creating a Website

1. Photographing Your Work

  • Using a camera:


  • Using a phone:


  • Using phone & editing:

               HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH ART (& edit with your phone!!) - YouTube

               Photograph Art with your Phone | StateoftheART (

2. Setting up an Instagram Account

  • Instagram Basics:


  • Setting up Business/Creator Account:


  • Instagram Tips:


               How to Promote Your Art on Instagram - Agora Gallery -

  • Social Media Strategies:

             4 Artists Share Their Social Media Strategies - Artsy

             Artquest > Social networks and blogs

  • Using Hashtags:

                Instagram for Artists: Why Hashtags are Important 

3. Creating a Website

Creating a website or online portfolio is a great way to share your work, especially for applications to galleries and exhibition opportunities.


  • Creating a Portfolio: 

              What is a Professional Portfolio and How to Create Your Own (

  • Wix Basics (No Templates):


  • Wix Templates for Artists:


  • Squarespace: 


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