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1. Writing Artist Statements & Bios

2. CVs/Resumes


3. Writing Exhibition Proposals


4. Copyright

Registering work under copyright law is optional, but can make protection of work easier. It is still recommended that you use "©" on your website, social media captions, and anywhere else applicable.

e.g., "© Jane Smith 2021" or "Copyright © 2021 Jane Smith. All Rights Reserved".


You can also consider using watermarks when sharing your work online. If you are making limited edition prints, you can consider embossing them with a customized seal and placing the edition number directly on the print.

Bored Boy

5. Certificate of Authenticity

It is recommended that you enclose a certificate of authenticity for each piece.


6. Resources in Spanish


7. Local Online Event Calendars

If you have a show coming up, virtual or in-person, consider submitting them to the following online calendars to help spread the word.


8. Working with Galleries & Dealers