Cultural Plan 2014

Fort Worth Cultural Plan 2014

In February 2001, the leadership of Greater Fort Worth undertook a strategic planning process focused exclusively on the areas of arts and culture in our city. Working through the Arts Council, city leadership contracted Wolf, Keens & Co. of Cambridge, Massachusetts to assist with all aspects of planning and research during the process. This tactical “roadmap” was carefully crafted with the aid of voices throughout our community to address the unique needs among Fort Worth citizens and their relationship with the arts.

In the twelve years since completion of the 2002 Cultural Plan, the City of Fort Worth has continued to develop at a rapid pace. With such changes recognized, Mayor Betsy Price’s Arts Funding Task Force made the fitting recommendation to update the plan in a manner that reflects the current needs existing among Fort Worth’s art establishments and residents at large. Answering that call, the Arts Council and the City of Fort Worth have invited architects of the original cultural plan, WolfBrown, back to Fort Worth to embark on creating an updated Cultural Plan in 2014.

Throughout 2014, Thomas Wolf and Marc Goldring will be working closely with leadership in Greater Fort Worth to reexamine the needs of the community as related to the cultural sector. The overarching theme of the updated Plan is to retain preserve, and enhance the best of Fort Worth’s cultural past and present while building the quality of life for the new century.

Get Involved!

Interested in learning more about the cultural planning process? Looking for ways to get involved? Read the original 2002 Cultural Plan, peruse timelines and documents for this year’s project, or contact us directly via the prompt below. This plan is about the arts and culture in your city and we want you to be a part of it!

The Arts Council will be hosting a handful of events centered around visioning for the cultural plan and we encourage each of you to attend, offer suggestions, and engage with us online throughout the process. You can also submit your comments by tagging your social media posts with #CulturalPlan2014. This is your opportunity to influence major community planning in the city you call home-let’s make sure Fort Worth still reigns supreme when it comes to art, cowboys, and culture!